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Your Child Is in Great Hands

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is a huge part of a day in the life of our center.


Each classroom has their own schedule of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting each aspect of the child's classroom. Every classroom is equipped with an air purifier. Innovations employs a daytime maintenance person. Duties include building cleaning, maintaining equipment, organization throughout the building, and overall maintenance. 

Our teachers are trained on topics like, allergies, basic first aid, CPR, Heimlich maneuver, fire drills, tornado drills, intruder training, and reporting suspected abuse. 

Nutrition is also an important factor in the health of our young people. Innovations serves breakfast, lunch, morning, afternoon, and evening snack. 

Innovations participates in the Child Care & Adult Food Program through the USDA. The requirements are as follows. 


Innovations Early Childhood Center provides an all-day care experience in an environment that fosters optimal development for children ages six weeks through 12 years. 

Our main focus is on teacher education. A well-trained teacher has the knowledge and resources available to them to create a productive learning environment and have interactions that are positive and meaningful with children and families.

Community is another focal point of Innovations ECC. We focus on the community within our center; forming and fostering relationships to last a lifetime. We also strive to be part of the community of Waterloo. We hope to see a future in community projects and programs that continue to strengthen the bonds of an already very supportive community. 

We believe in play-based learning. What does this mean? Well, as Maria Montessori has been quoted, "The work of a child is play". They are meant to play their way through all sorts of social and academic conundrums as they grow. A warm, enriching environment is essential for the developing mind of a child. We strive to provide this environment for every child in our care. 

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