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Learning Environments



Our infant rooms are home to our smallest friends, six weeks through 14 months old. Children in these classrooms follow their own individual schedules, created in conjunction with our families. We have two infant rooms in our facility, The Hedgehogs & The Chipmunks. These classrooms have the most significant change in development over a one-year period. Brain development at this age, is rapid. It is almost impossible to believe that these little people have more than 10,000 neurons firing per second, no wonder they sleep so much! 



Innovations has two toddler rooms, The Moose & The Owls,  with children ranging in age from 15 month to 23 months.  Toddlers are developing at a fast pace, their desire to figure out the world and their place in it, becomes apparent as they begin to announce "No" !



Our pre-school classrooms begin at age 2 through 3 years old. Children are intently working on potty training, working cooperatively with teachers and their peers to navigate all the challenges that they face. We have two, classrooms with children 24-35 months. They are The Foxes & The Racoons.  We also have a three-year-old room on the upper level. They are The Porcupines.


These classrooms are home to our "Junior" & "Senior" Explorers, who are one-two years from entering Kindergarten. This classroom is busy preparing all the skills needed as Kindergarten approaches! We follow the Illinois Early Learning Guidelines through the Illinois State Board of Education. 


Our school-age classroom provides care for children before & after school, holidays, snow days, and summer vacation. 


We work hard to keep our school age children engaged and interested in what is happening at the center. Children 11 and older are given Jr. Staff duties throughout the Summer.

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