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Fun & Creativity


We offer art activities daily! We work with many different types of mediums! 


Children will be offered musical instruments daily. Throughout the year, special guests will play for us and introduce different types of instruments. 

Indoor Movement

Children are able to access the cafeteria throughout the week to use as a large motor area. Children are offered opportunities for tumbling and large group activities.


Children will visit the library area at different intervals during the week based upon their age. Children are able to choose from a variety of books that they check out and return at a later date. Story time and puppet theatres are also held in this area. 


We will work each year to build upon our garden. We hope to grow many vegetables and fruits. Our goal is to allow our pre-school and school-age children access to these items to prepare meals with farm fresh produce. 

Outside Play

We have a huge space to utilize for outside play. Children are able to develop many skills on the playground. From team work to refining large muscles, children have endless opportunities to skip, jump, kick, run, pedal, and throw. 

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